1 The Boxcar Children-The Candy Factory Mystery

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The Boxcar Children-The Candy Factory Mystery

Written by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Illustrated by Hodges Soileau

Reviewed by Jeremy P. (age 9)

The Boxcar Children-The Candy Factory Mystery

Have you ever discovered and solved a mystery? Well, the Aldens get to in this special book. In this story, the young Aldens went to a candy factory, because things were going wrong. While they were there, machines began breaking and an inspector came and things got even more mysterious. Finally, they spied on their suspect and they were right! In conclusion, I am sure the Boxcar Children were proud to solve a perplexing mystery.

I was really tempted to read the entire book at once, because it is a special version and very stimulating to read. I am interested in their series, because there are kids in the story that are in my age group (6-15 years old). The ending was especially great, because they found their suspect and saved the candy factory.

I really encourage you to read this book, because of the exciting plot. I hope you read this book too, because the entire Boxcar Children's series is full of adventure and mystery!