1 Breakfast at the Liberty Diner

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Breakfast at the Liberty Diner

Written by Daniel Kirk

Illustrated by Daniel Kirk

Reviewed by Ariel (age 7)

Breakfast at the Liberty Diner

A mother and her sons Bobby and George went to the Liberty Diner. They went to meet their Uncle Angelo. The president was coming to town. The people in the diner were excited. Bobby was mad because no one was saying anything good about him but saying good things about George because George was a little baby and he was cute. The president came into the diner and everyone wanted George to be in a picture with the president. Bobby was jealous. The president wanted him to be in the picture too. The president said to Bobby you can do anything you put your mind to.

I liked this book because they went to the Liberty Diner and they had breakfast and they met their uncle. I liked it because it reminds you of the time when I went to a restaurant and met my uncle. I liked this part because I like going to restaurants. And I like meeting my uncle. I liked the part when they got off the train because I like going on the train with my mommy and my uncle. I liked it when Bobby met the president because not many people get to meet to talk to the president. I liked learning how Bobby was jealous of George, because my two older brothers get jealous of me because I am the baby of the family. I like the pictures of the people.