1 There's an Alligator Under My Bed

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There's an Alligator Under My Bed

Written by Mercer Mayer

Illustrated by Mercer Mayer

Reviewed by Ann Marie R. (age 8)

A boy knows that there is an alligator under his bed. Every time he looks under his bed, he gets scared. He had to climb onto a plank to get in his bed and off his bed. Every time he got scared, he called his mom and dad, and when they looked under the bed, they didn?t see the alligator. So the boy had an idea. He went into the kitchen and got some alligator bites, like vegetables, cookies, muffins, and candy. He put some food in the garage and the hallway and in his room. He waited until the alligator came out. When the alligator came out to eat, he hid in the closet. He followed the alligator into the garage. Then he went to bed, and he said there was no mess to clean up. And he said, ?oh, I hope my dad won?t have any trouble taking out his car in the morning.? And he said, ?I?ll just leave him a note.?

If you get scared and you think there?s something in your house or under your bed, there?s nothing. You just think there?s something. You are using your imagination. I do it sometimes. And if you see shadows, it?s just your imagination. Nobody can get in your house unless you leave the door open.

I like the pictures because they are colorful, and the boy looks scared and sometimes happy.

I think this book would be good for my cousin and people who get scared and see scary stuff.