1 Where's Tim's Ted?

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Where's Tim's Ted?

Written by Ian Whybrow

Illustrated by Russell Ayto

Reviewed by Sergio C. (age 9)

Where's Tim's Ted?

This story is about a boy named Tim that lost his teddy bear at the farm. In the beginning of the story Tim wanted his teddy bear back. His grandparent's says that they will look for the teddy bear in the morning. They should all get some rest. Then, in the middle of the night Tim went out to look for his teddy bear. He got some friends to help him look. He ran into the dog and asks him if he's seen his Ted. He runs into three hens and asks, "Excuse me, where's my Ted?" The hens don't know where Ted is. They went to the barn and saw the horse. They ask him if he'll help them look for his Ted and the horse says yes. Tim runs into a lot more animals like ducks, goats, and sheep. They all help him look for Ted. Do they find him?

What I like about this book that Tim wants his teddy bear to sleep with him as his friend. This story reminds me of my favorite doll I sleep with and it is my Hulk Hogan doll. Whenever my brother bothers me, he makes me have faith in myself to beat up my big brother! My favorite part was when Tim was trying to get into the house to go back to bed and the animals made a big pyramid to help him climb into his room since the front door was locked. This was my favorite part because I would have used a ladder and not animals from the farm to get through a window.

I recommend this book because this book to people that sleep with things because I use to sleep with my Hulk Hogan doll all the time and bring it everywhere. I think this story is good for my little cousin, and other children that sleep with teddy bears that are important to them.