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Missing May

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Reviewed by Molly K (age 9)

Missing May

Summer's mom died when she was a little girl. She has been passed to all of her relatives. Then one day her Aunt May and Uncle Ob came to visit her. Once they saw her they thought she was a little angel. They took her home to West Virginia. Summer was so happy she felt she had a real family now. Six years later May died. Summer and Ob were so sad that they didn't know if they could live any more with out May. After May's death they were making bird feeders. Ob said he felt May. Summer was about to cry. When Ob turned around he saw a boy snooping around his Chevy. Summer said that boy was Cletus Underwood. He goes to school with me. Ob started to run after Cletus. He caught him and brought him inside and they started to talk. Ob liked him. He began to talk about May and how Ob felt about her. Cletus said he went though the same thing when his uncle died. "Maybe I could help you," said Cletus. To see if Cletus can help them read Missing May.

I think Missing May is a great book because I know how Ob and Summer felt when May died. They felt like they couldn't go on. I felt the same way when my grandpa died. I always wonder if they could get over May and move on. Cletus is my favorite character because he helped Ob and Summer. He is different than other people. He is always collecting stickers. I think you should read Missing May.

I recommend this book to people who lost family members. Kids ages 8 and up could read this book. If you like Missing May you can read other books by Cynthia Rylant.