1 Stormbreaker

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Written by Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed by Jonathan L. (age 11)

Storm breaker is an adventure of Alex?s life after his uncle died. His dad was a secret agent. He started a mission to find out how his uncle died. After he found out his uncle did not get into a car crash, he died of a gun shot through the car window. When he finds that out he becomes a secret agent and takes his uncle mission. To find out who killed his uncle he had to do his uncle mission. This book is like a James Bond story but with a 14 year old kid named Alex Rider.

This book is like the movie 007 because of all the gadgets. My favorite part was when he got flown to spy school to finish his uncle's mission. This book is in a series called the Alex Rider Adventures.

I think that if you like action and suspense you would like this book. You can also learn about the gadgets and missions he has by reading this book. If you are a James Bond freak like me you would love this book. This is really interesting book because you don?t know what is going to happen next. This book has 192 pages of awesome adventure.