1 The Legend of Red Horse Cavern

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The Legend of Red Horse Cavern

Written by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Alexandrea F. (age 12)

The name of the book I am reading is the Legend of the Red Horse Cavern. Who wrote it you ask? Gary Paulson did. It was published by Bantam Doubleday, and has 55 pages.

Will and Sarah were lost in a cave and could not find their way out. Suddenly they ran into two dangerous bank robbers with guns who were hiding in the cave. The kids had to use their heads to get out.

In the mean time the two goons are still trying to find the kids. Read the book to find out if the kids find out where the exit passage to the end of the cave or get traped in the cave forever!!!!

I like this book a lot. My favorite part of the story was when Will and Sarah almost fell into a big hole because that puts a lot of excitement into the story. I also liked how Will and Sarah never gave up.

I would give this book to kids and grownups from all ages because it is a very good book to read. It?s one of those books that takes you into a different dimension and it just opens a different world of fun and laughter. The book makes you imagine things that you never have before. That?s why I would give this book to kids and adults. So grab a book and read it because you just might like it!