1 The Black Snowman

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The Black Snowman

Written by Phil Mendeza

Illustrated by Carole Byard

Reviewed by Viviene C. (age 9)

The Black Snowman

This book is about two kids who make a filthy snowman. They wrap the snowman in a scrap of cloth they find. But this scrap called "kente" is an African storytelling shawl that has special and magical qualities. When the two kids were going inside the house, the snowman came alive --- two boys then started their adventure!

I like this book because it made me cry. I felt sad for the characters. It is a very heart-warming story. I learned that you should not judge someone by its color. Mostly, you should believe in your heritage. I also like how the illustrator portrays the characters.They have a change of feelings at the end.

This book is good for kids and adults. A good Christmas story to read all year long.I recommend this book to all who are judging the book by its cover. You will learn something from this book.