1 Holes

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Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Amber S. (age 13)

This book is about a boy named Stanley who had gotten hit in the head with a pair of shoes. The shoes were owned by a famous basketball player. Everyone thought that Stanley had stolen them but he did not steal them.

They thought Stanley did steal the shoes so they sent him away to a Camp. The camp was called Camp Green Lake. The guy that runs the place is Mr. Sir; well that is what the boys call him at least. All the boys had nicknames and Stanley also gets one. The camp makes the kids dig holes. If you read the book you will find out why they have to dig holes early on in the story. They also find lizards that are poisonous and you can not move fast or they will bite you.

I liked the book. The best part is when Stanley goes to camp. My favorite part is when Mr. Sir finds out the boys are throwing sunflower seeds and they were throwing the food at one and other. Stanley got caught and Mr. Sir caught him and he was in trouble. There was one boy and his name was Zero. He reminds me of his best friend?s brother because he is fast at everything and looks just like him. I thought that Armpit and Zero would be friends because they are funny. They did not act just like friends. There is also a character that changes in the story. It is Stanley because he is shy when he first starts camp. He then meets friends and then he is not shy anymore.

If you like to read books by Louis Sachar, you will like this book. The lesson I learned from this book is that if you find something that is not yours, you should return it. This is why I picked to review this book, you should read it. It is a good book and I think you will enjoy it.