1 Arthur's Computer Disaster

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Arthur's Computer Disaster

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Anthony R. (age 0)

Arthur's Computer Disaster

Arthur wanted to play with the computer and his mom had to work so she didn't let him. Arthur did not listen and played with the computer anyway. Arthur and his friend Buster messed up the computer. Arthur tried to get the Brain to fix it but he couldn't. When Arthur's mom got home she had to work on the computer so Arthur told her that he was playing and the computer broke. Arthur's in trouble now!

I like "Arthur books" and this one is also good. I liked the part when Arthur and DW went to sleep and the next day it was tax day for their mom so they couldn't play with the computer. That was my favorite part because D.W., Arthur's little sister, laughs at Arthur when he gets into trouble. My favorite character in the book is DW because she makes fun of Arthur. I've also read "DW's Lost Blankie". In this book, DW loses her blankie and she goes searching for it. Another "Arthur" book that I've read is "Arthur's Nose," which was good too.

I recommend this book because I like all of the "Arthur" books. I like these books because they are very interesting. I think that you would enjoy this book because Arthur does not listen to his mother and learns an important lesson.