1 Arthur's Nose

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Arthur's Nose

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Clarissa J. (age 8)

Arthur's Nose

Something is happening in Arthur's house. Arthur is worried about his nose because his nose is big so he wants a new nose. Arthur's family likes his nose because Arthur's family has the same nose just like Arthur's. Arthur's friend Francine wanted to change seats in school because Arthur's nose was big and it bothered her. Arthur's friends made fun of Arthur and he felt sad. Then he has an idea. He decides to get a new nose! He goes to a rhinologist and tells her he wants a new nose. He tries on many noses like a mouse, goat, hippopotamus, and even a chicken. He also tries onan elephant, a toucan, and a zebra. His friends are surprised as Arthur comes out from the doctor's office. Read this book to find out what nose Arthur picks out.

I like this book because it shows Arthur and his nose. My favorite part is when Arthur and his friends are playing hide-and-seek. Arthur wants to hide but his nose is showing. His friends always caught him because his nose was always showing. I also liked when Arthur decides that he has a great nose because there is a lot more to him than his nose. My favorite characters are Arthur and Francine. I like Francine because she wants to change seats because Arthur's nose is bothering her. I also like Arthur because I have other "Arthur" books and I like them. Other "Arthur" books that I've read are "Arthur's Chicken Pox" and "Arthur's Family Vacation." I also think that the illustrations are great because it tells Arthur's story well.

If you like "Arthur" books, you'll like this one. I also recommend this book to people who don't like their noses or any other part of their body because they can learn an important lesson-there's more to them than that.