1 Amos & Boris

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Amos & Boris

Written by William Steig

Illustrated by William Steig

Reviewed by Jason B. (age 9) & Ariam L. (age 10)

Amos & Boris

Do you like animal books? This book is about a mouse and a whale. One day a mouse named Amos loved the sea so he wanted to build a boat. Then he wanted to load it with cheese. He named the boat the Rodent. When he finished building the boat he went out to sail. Then he took a nap. The big waves pushed him off the boat and a whale named Boris saved him. Then Amos took another nap on Boris's back then Boris went in side of the water, because he forgot he was on top of his back. Then Amos told him he was on his back Boris said, "I'm sorry I forgot you were on my back." Amos asked Boris to take him home. Find out if Amos and Boris got home safe.

We like this book because Boris was nice enough to save another animal that he did not know. My (Jason) favorite part is when Amos saved Boris. I think there's something special about the book because if you see someone hurt you should help them out because they might need a doctor.

We recommend this book to people who like animal books, and to people that are having problems with their friendship so they can be friends again.