1 Mattimeo

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Written by Brian Jaques

Reviewed by Cheyenne M. (age 9)


Traa-la lay le la la! Rumbling wheels bring an unexpected party of circus performers into Redwall Abbey. But the circus is really a plot to capture the young ones of Redwall Abbey. After the young ones are captured, Matthias and others go out and seek them. During their absence a band of home seeking birds attack Redwall Abbey. Matthias' young son Mattimeo will become an unexpected hero.

I liked this book because it has suspense and unusual plots in it. I love the character Mattimeo because he kept everyone believing that their parents would rescue them. This book is part of a series and it is similar to the other books because they all have fighting, suspense, and twisted plots.

I recommend this book because it shows bravery and slyness. I recommend this book to fifth grade and up if they don't mind blood, war, and sometimes hideous things. The plot (slavers catch slaves), characters (good/bad guys), and setting (miniature castle) might interest readers.