1 Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger

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Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger

Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Michaela G. (age 12)

Wayside School is about a couple of kids that go to Wayside school and have a really nice teacher named Mrs. Jewels. The kids just started school and a couple of months after they start school it was close to Christmas and they were excited because it was close to Christmas. (They all went on there vacation) After Christmas vacation Mrs. Jewels was acting weird the classmates said and one kid said she looked a little fat but he didn?t want to say anything. (I will let you find out why she is fat) Mr. Kidswatter bought 2 elevators but there is one problem one goes down and the other one goes only up. After a week Mrs. Jewels was gone and a new teacher came in to the room her name was Miss. Nogard she wanted to make kids miserable because a guy ran off on her and another reason but, you can find out yourself. After a couple of months Mrs. Jewels came back to show them something.

I liked Wayside School, it was funny. Wayside School is funny because they say the weirdest thoughts in their heads. My favorite part in the story is when they find out something about this one person and then they search for the person and they finally found were that person lives and what she does for a living ( It?s kind of a mystery). I like the writer?s style because it describes what?s going to happen next and it stops at a good part and then you think about it and predict what?s going to happen next. Then when you get to it the next day you find out what happened. I don?t think it is like any other book I have read because it is more mysterious, it is funnier, and it has weirder words then any other book.

I recommend that other people read this book because they might learn something from it or you might actually like it if you like mysterious books. I think that a reader that likes funny and mysterious books might read this book or people that might just like to read books everyday might read it. I think what might interest readers is the mystery part and the end of the book because most people like mystery books. At the end there is a happy part in the book.