1 Live from the Fifth Grade

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Live from the Fifth Grade

Written by Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna

Reviewed by Elizabeth Q. (age 10)

Live from the Fifth Grade

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Everyone is laughing at the school clown, Roger Friday. That is everyone except Marsha Cessano, Roger's worst enemy. Roger's best friend, Patrick Frank, cracks up whenever Roger says anything because he thinks Roger is so funny. Roger has a way of making silly impressions of people that are hysterical! As this story continues, Marsha, Roger, and Patrick have to solve a mystery together. Their principal, Sister Mary Elizabeth, puts them to the mission because they were the ones she thought would be the best for this difficult task. If anything goes wrong, Sister Mary Elizabeth will be infuriated. The mission is to find the janitor's computer room key. The kids have to find out who stole it and fast because the janitor is beginning to get upset! To find out who took it and how the key was finally found, read "Live from the Fifth Grade"!

My opinion of this book is that it is a good one. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 10. I would do so because it wasn't at all confusing and because it had mystery, action and a whole lot of fun! Roger reminds me of someone in my class because they are both class clowns. This book also reminds me of someone else in my life - my worst enemy who I had to do a math assignment with! (Just like Marsha and Roger) My favorite part of this story was the "nun" party because it was hilarious!

I would recommend this book to boys and girls from ages 9 -13. I would do this because I don't think kids under 9 would understand it and after 13 kids might lose interest.