1 Arthur's Computer Disaster

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Arthur's Computer Disaster

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Anthony G. (age 9)

Arthur's Computer Disaster

This story was about Arthur's Computer Disaster. Arthur got a new game and he asks his mother if he can play the new game on her computer. She said yes and he played and played into the night. It was bedtime. He went to bed. The next day Buster came over to play Deep Dark Sea that Arthur just got. His mother said NO when they asks can they play Deep Dark Sea in her computer and then the phone rang it was the office she had to go to the work she you can't play because she needed the computer all day. To find out what happened to Arthur and his friend Buster, read this book.

My favorite part was when Arthur thought he had broken the computer but he had really just turned it off. It was my favorite part because they thought it was broken but it really wasn't and the Brain talked scientifically and they couldn't understand him! He still couldn't help them anyway. As I read the book I felt I was inside the story because it felt real and I felt just like Arthur when his little sister D.W. bothers him, since my sister bothers me too. This story reminds me of my little sister sometimes and I call her D.W.

I recommend this book to people who like computers. It is good for kids that like "Arthur" books. Kids who don't listen to their parents and teachers might like this book because it shows you that you must listen because parents and teachers know what's best for you.