1 Tops & Bottoms

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Tops & Bottoms

Written by Doug Johnson

Illustrated by Janet Stevens

Reviewed by Connor E (age 7)

Tops & Bottoms

A Bear and a Hare decide to become business partners. Each season they plant a field of crops and they split it into tops and bottoms. Hare does all of the work while Bear sleeps. When it is time to harvest the crops Bear always gets the bad half and Hare always gets the good half. So Bear finally learns that if he wants to get some good crops he has to help with the work so he does not get cheated.

I liked the book that I read because I liked the pictures and how the pictures matched the story as I read it. My favorite part of the story was every time Bear woke up he saw that he got all bad parts of the crops. The characters that I liked were Bear and Hare. I liked Bear because he slept in funny positions and when he woke up he was very grumpy. I liked Hare because he was very smart and he made sure that he got all of the good crops.

I recommend this book because I thought it was funny and it had great pictures. I think anyone who likes funny stories should read this book.