1 Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

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Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

Written by James Marshall

Illustrated by Harry Alllard

Reviewed by Brian W (age 8)

Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

The Smedley Tornadoes football team is the worst team ever! The substitute coach, Miss Viola Swamp, shows up and whips the team into shape. Miss Swamp made the team practice a lot. They had to work hard with their exercises. At the end they had to play against the best team, The Werewolves. You will be surprised at what happens next!

Something I learned from this book is that if you work hard you can win in the end. I liked this book because it has good pictures. My favorite character was Mr. Blandsworth, the principal, because he was really funny when he dressed up like a witch to scare the team. I like the story of this book because it taught me a lesson about working hard.

I would recommend this book to my friends because I think they would like that it is easy to read.