Hilda and the Mad Scientist

Written by Addie Adam
Illustrated by Lisa Thiesing

Reviewed by Henry F. (age 4)


First, Hilda goes into his mansion then hears a spooky old voice of Dr. Weinerstein. Then Hilda couldn't find the kitchen, but she asked Dr. Weinerstein if there was a kitchen. Then as soon as she found the kitchen then she cooked up some apple pie. Then Dr. Weinerstein had an evil spell that disappeared her, but she didn't disappear. She had flour on her, on her hands. Dr Weinerstein's evil plans never work.

My favorite part was when Hilda, at the beginning, when she dumped the king's cake then she told everybody that people should help people. Also when he made that Hilda experiment that was just helpful but did not scare Hilda away.

Kids would like this book.

(This review was dictated.)

Henry F. is a student in Mrs. Rainey's Class