1 Elbert's Bad Word

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Elbert's Bad Word

Written by Audrey Wood

Illustrated by Audrey and Don Wood

Reviewed by Sue-Anne M. (age 9)

Elbert's Bad Word

This book is about a boy named Elbert. One day Elbert was at a party and he heard a bad word he had never heard before. And when he saw the bad word it was ugly. He took it and put it in his back pocket. When his aunt was singing opera, the bad word flew into his mouth like a little gnat. That's when trouble begins for Elbert. The butler tried to balance too many trays of egg's and he dropped them all on Madame Friatta. Then Madame Friatta drops her drink on Sir Hilary's head. Then Sir Hilary threw his stick up into the air. Then the stick fell on Elbert's toe. He screamed. He needed to wash his mouth with soap. Then he went to a gardener, who invited him into his house. He knew just the thing to do. He took big strong words and made a little cake out of it. Then Elbert ate it. When he was finished, he went back to the party. This time, something else that was crazy happens to Elbert. Find out what Elbert said and what happened to the bad word.

My favorite part was when Elbert's mother told him he needed to wash his mouth out with soap because his mother teaches him a lesson, so he'll never say a bad word again. What is so special about this book is that this is the first book I have read that is about bad words. There are not too many books about bad words. This story reminds me of when my sister said a bad word. She was punished by my mother and she couldn't play with her toys. I think she learned her lesson because she has not said a bad word again. I like this book because it teaches me not to say bad words.

I recommend this book because people should understand why they should not say bad words. I recommend this book to people who like and don't like to say bad words. They can see how Elbert learned his lesson and maybe they can also learn to stop saying bad words, if they already do.