1 In a People House

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In a People House

Written by Theo Lesieg

Illustrated by Theo Lesieg

Reviewed by Zinnet Y. (age 6)

In a People House

This story is about a bird and a mouse who went into peoples house. The bird wanted to know what people had in their houses. The mouse showed the bird what the people have. He showed the bird chairs, doughnuts and the kitchen sink to name a few things. The mouse showed the bird all kinds of people things. Read what happens when the people come home and find the mouse and bird.

I really liked the mouse because he brought the bird into a people house. He was like a tour guide showing the bird around the house. My favorite part was when the people came home and pushed the bird and mouse out the door. I would do the same thing if I found a mouse and bird in my house. The illustrations were funny. The showed the animals in the house getting into trouble. They were very colorful and exciting!

I would recommend this book because it is funny. The mouse and bird have fun in the peoples house. I think kids in first grade should read this book. There are many good words to help them learn to read.