1 Hi, Pizza Man!

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Hi, Pizza Man!

Written by Virginia Walter

Illustrated by Ponder Goembel

Reviewed by Stephanie U. (age 10) & Mariela D. (age 8)

Hi, Pizza Man!

This book is about a little girl named Vivian. One night Vivian was waiting for the Pizza Man. Then Vivian's mother told her "It is so hard to wait for the Pizza man to come. He'll be here soon." Then Vivian's mother was imagining that when the doorbell rings different animals would bring the pizza. Different animals like a cat, a dog, a duck, a cow, a snake, and a dinosaur. Then the door goes RING! RING! Can you guess who it is?

My (Mariela) favorite part was when the animals bring the pizza because they bring the pizza in different parts of their body. Like when the kitty brings the pizza on its paw. My (Stephanie) favorite part was when the pizza man came because when he comes and the little girl Vivian yells really loudly, "Hi, PIZZA MAN!" My (Mariela) favorite characters are the animals because they make lots of sounds. My (Stephanie) favorite character is Vivian because she likes to eat pizza just like me. The story reminds me of one day when I told my mother that I (Mariela) was hungry. My mother brought me pizza that day.

We recommend this book to people that like animals because it tells you the different sounds that different animals make. We also think that people who like eating pizza would like this book.