1 Grandpa Bud

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Grandpa Bud

Written by Sibhan Dodds

Reviewed by Stacy H. (age 4)

Grandpa Bud

Polly calls Grandpa Bud and she said that she will sleep over and he made chocolate cake. She called again and she asked if three friends could come too to Grandpa Bud's home. She said to make their favorite food and he said "yes."

Grandpa Bud thought they were all kids but they were stuffed animals. I liked that part because it was funny. I liked when they go to sleep and Grandpa Bud read them a story because I like stories and want to read as good as my sister.

I like this book because I know how to read it. My friends would like this book because they have stuffed animals.

(This review was dictated.)