1 The Chocolate Touch

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The Chocolate Touch

Written by Patrick Skene

Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by Kelsey M. (age 11)

The Chocolate Touch

John Midas is a boy who loved candy, but most of all, he loved chocolate. One day John found a odd looking, old coin. The man at the candy store was happy to trade him for a box of chocolate. That night John opened the chocolate and only found one piece of chocolate. He was very disappointed but he ate it anyway. The next day everything tasted like chocolate! You would have to read this book to find out what happens to John Midas and what he does with his new chocolate touch.

I really loved this book because it makes me laugh out loud. I think this book is the best book I have read because this book is really funny. (John eats some really weird things - like his gloves.)

My favorite part is when John is taking the test and he chews on his pencil and his pencil turns into chocolate. He makes smudges on his paper and his teacher won't believe that his pencil has turned into chocolate.

John Midas changed because when he ate the chocolate ball, everything that he ate or touched in his mouth turned to chocolate.

I recommend this book because of the way it is written. I believe that 2-6 grade students will enjoy it the most because it is an entertaining book. Readers might be interested in the characters because they are humorous and weird sometimes.