1 Clifford and the Big Storm

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Clifford and the Big Storm

Written by Norman Birdwell

Illustrated by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Naidelyn E. (age 5)

Clifford and the Big Storm

Emily Elizabeth and her friend Clifford,the dog, help others during a very bad storm.

My favorite part is when Clifford picks up the trees and places them in front of Gramma's house with some sand to stop the house from being swept away by the ocean.

The character I like is Clifford. He is big, red and very helpful. I like it that he always seems to do something good in each of his books.

I would recommend this book to my friends because it is filled with a lot of things that are happening in a bad storm. It keeps you interested and wanting to know what happens at the end.

(This review was translated from Spanish.)