1 Brian's Winter

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Brian's Winter

Written by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Corey T. (age 12)

This books title is Brian?s Winter and the author?s name is Gary Paulsen. There are 133 pages. It was published in New York in 1996 the publisher was the Delacorte Press. Brian is stuck in the woods for the winter. Brian?s Return is another book by Gary Paulsen and it takes place before Brian?s Winter . In the book Brian?s Return he returns home from getting rescued in the woods. In Brian?s Winter he goes back to the woods and this time they make a movie about when he was in the woods. Brian is a boy. He got stuck in the woods when the driver of his plane had a heart attack and the plane crashed. He was still alive but the plane driver died.

My favorite part in this book was when Brian was using the bow he could not shoot anything with it. He had to use the bow because his gun?s clip broke. This book is like Brian?s Return another book by Gary Paulsen. Brian?s Winter is like Brians Return because he is in the woods in that book too. This book is part of a series. The series is the books hatchet, Brains Winter, The River and Brian?s Return. I would recommend this book to a person who likes adventure. I would recommend this book because it is an easy book to read and it is a very interesting book. If you are a person that likes adventure books then you would like to read this book. The part that might interest readers the most is when he is living out in the woods and hunting with an gun and a bow and arrow. If you want to learn more about the book READ IT.