1 The Rugrats Files- Case of the Missing Gold

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The Rugrats Files- Case of the Missing Gold

Written by David Lewman

Reviewed by B.M. (age 9)

The Rugrats Files-  Case of the Missing Gold

This book is about the Rugrats, led by Tommy Pickles, trying to find gold. They are trying to find the gold because they want to buy "Reptar" candy bars. They went into their backyard and used their imaginations to go back into pioneer times, because a lot of people back then were trying to find gold. The Rugrats were hoping to be as lucky as those people who did find gold. Trouble soon appears when the Rugrats come across a rattlesnake and a thief. Read the book to see if they ever find the gold.

I liked this book because I could understand it and make a movie in my head. The book gave a lot of good details about the places the Rugrats visited in their imaginations, including the rushing river that was difficult to cross, and a big forest. It was easy to picture all this in my head which made the book fun to read.

I would recommend this book to people who like adventure stories. There is a lot of action and mystery, which makes the story move quickly. This book is part of a series so if you enjoy this book you will want to read them all. In every story the Rugrats use their imaginations to take them anyplace. It's a really fun story!

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