1 Stones in Water

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Stones in Water

Written by Donna Napoli

Reviewed by Laura S. (age 11)

Stones in Water

Scratch, scratch. The sounds of metal picks and shovels scrape against stone as children clear an airplane landing pad. Roberto, the main character, thought he could just sneak to a movie and get home without any problems. Then, at the movies, BOOM! German soldiers burst through the little Italian theater. Roberto and all the others were taken and forced to work in German boot camps. This story is about Roberto struggling for his life and how people dealt with a terrible war.

This is an excellent book. It is filled with history, action, and survival skills. Each page is intriguing and exciting. My favorite part is when Roberto got shot in the arm. A poor family took him in and popped the bullet out with a knife. Slice! This story is unique because it is filled with historical facts, but in a fictitious way. I learned about war and struggle for life. While I read this story it made me realize what a great life I have. Roberto was short on food while I have plenty. He froze in the winter and I have heat. Now I am grateful for what I have today.

I would recommend this book to both boys and girls who love historical fiction. This book tells a lot about war and how to find your inner strength. Over all, this story deserves two thumbs up!