1 The Cat in the Hat

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The Cat in the Hat

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Kasandra G. (age 6) & Tanairi H. (age 6)

The Cat in the Hat

The book is about the Cat in the Hat. Sally and the boy both sat and sat and sat and they couldn?t do anything because it was raining a lot. Then the cat in the hat came and then they played new games. Sally and the boy didn?t like the games. He was standing on a ball and he had a lot of things he was holding. He was holding a dish with milk, books, a rake, and a fish on the top. Then he fell down and he bent Sally and the boy?s new rake. The Cat in the Hat made a big mess because of thing one and thing two. Thing one and Thing Two flew a kite in the house and they bumped into everything and they made a big mess. Then the fish said to the boy to catch Thing one and Thing Two. The Mom was coming to her house and then the fish said to clean up all the stuff. The Cat in the Hat came with a fancy car and there were a lot of hands on it. He cleaned a big big big mess that Thing One and Thing Two made. The Mom came in the house. She said what did you do today? Did you do something fun today?

I (Kasandra) liked the book because the cat in the Hat shook the toy ship into the cake real real deep. I (Tanairi) liked the book because it wasn?t real. It was funny because the Cat in the Hat dropped the fish into the teapot. I liked the pictures because the Cat in the Hat he fell without his hat. The Cat in the Hat said look at me now. He held up three books and he held a rake with the fish on top of the tip of the rake. He was hopping on the ball and he was holding all of the toys and food and books and stuff. I (Tainairi) liked book because the boy got a net and when he caught Thing One and Thing Two the net came with a plop.

I recommend the Cat in the Hat to children in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. The children will think it is funny. My baby sister will like it because she will laugh and giggle.