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Otis Spofford

Written by Beverly Cleary

Reviewed by G.B. (age 9)

Otis Spofford

Otis Spofford loves to stir up some excitement. He is a third grade boy with just a mom. He likes making fun of his classmate, Ellen Tebbits. He teases her a lot, but after Otis cuts Ellen's hair off she plans revenge on him. She steals his boots, and when he has to go home from the ice skating rink he has to wear his ice skates all the way home. He does other things like one day he used a bull costume to hit a boy and threw spitballs in class. The teacher made Otis throw the spitballs in the trash can because she was tired of Otis throwing spitballs everywhere. He was a real classroom showoff!

My favorite part of the book is when Otis cuts Ellen Tebbit's hair off because it made me laugh so hard. Otis reminded me of an old friend because he always got in trouble and threw spitballs in class. I really think this is a very good book and I really liked it because Otis gets in trouble a lot and does things that third graders in my school would never do.

If you like funny books you will like Otis Spofford. I also recommend it to troublemakers who may see themselves in the things Otis Spofford does.

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