1 Arthur's Chicken Pox

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Arthur's Chicken Pox

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Jonathan C. (age 7) & Wyatt H. (age 8)

Arthur's Chicken Pox

Arthur got the chicken pox. He went to the nurse's office and was sent home. His sister thought it wasn't fair that he got more attention than her. So D.W. went into the bathroom and put red dots all over her face. She came downstairs and faked having the chicken pox. Grandma Thora found out that D.W was faking it. Then D.W. really got the chicken pox.

Our favorite part was when D.W. got the chicken pox because it's very funny and because she deserved it. This story reminds us of when we got the chicken pox because we were scratching our scabs a lot. We like Grandma Thora because she doesn't get fooled by D.W. The pictures are funny, especially the ones where Arthur and D.W. have red dots all over their bodies.

I think others should read it because it is a cool book. You also learn a lesson and that lesson is not to lie.