1 Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the Red Fern Grows

Written by Wilson Rawls

Reviewed by Maddisen V (age 10)

Where the Red Fern Grows

Billy really wants dogs. One day he finds a magazine with an ad for puppies.They are only $50 dollars. He works hard to get the money. When he finally has enough money to buy the dogs, he has to walk all the way to Arkansas from Kansas to get the puppies. Billy and his dogs make a great coon hunting team. Little Ann, the girl, is the smart one and Old Dan, the boy, is the strong one. They are brother and sister. One day Billy's Grandpa enters Billy in a hunting dog contest. He wins 2 trophies. One with Little Ann for beauty and 1 together for hunting. They also win over $300 dollars. When Billy gets home his mother says his dogs are angels for winning the money. There is a sad part at the end, but also a happy surprise part. What is it? To find out read "Where The Red Fern Grows."

My opinion is that this story is wonderful. It is a story about love, hard work, and a great friendship. The reason I liked it so much is because it has sadness, adventure, and it was just a really good story. I liked all the characters in the story, especially Old Dan and Little Ann. I could read the book over and over again. If you read this book you might really get attached to it. I especially like the part where Billy chops down the biggest tree in the bottoms to get there first racoon.

I recommend this book to kids 10 and over . That is because somethings are not suitable for younger kids. I especially recommend it to adults. Any one who likes animals would like this book. My teacher read it and she really liked it. I hope everyone who reads it will like it as much as I did. Also Wilson Rawls wrote another great book "Summer of the Monkeys" .