1 Elizabeth I, Red Rose of The House of Tudor

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Elizabeth I, Red Rose of The House of Tudor

Written by Kathryn Lasky

Illustrated by Lasky

Reviewed by Katrina L. (age 12)

The book Elizabeth I, Red Rose of the House of Tudor, is about Elizabeths' life as she becomes queen. In the trouble she faces all together it?s a great book about Elizabeth?s life and everyone in it. It is about finding strength to carry on through the good times and the bad. She finds strength throughout the struggle with her Dad and the war with Spain. It is also about her brother and sister and life growing up with her. I think it is a great book and it deals with her whole life and the people in it. There are many stepmothers in her life. Together their are about ten wives her father had.

I thought this was a very interesting book and a great story to read. When I first got the book I thought it would be boring, but it was great. I liked it all but my favorite parts are when her Dad accepts her for who she is and lets her know that he loves her. This is not like any other book I read before. The book has it all; adventure, happiness, and sadness. When I read this book I thought about the characters. I don?t usually do that with books that are not interesting to me.

I recommend this book to girls that like adventure, because it is filled with it from cover to end. There is so much adventure on every page you turn and every diary entry you?re guessing what is next.

I also recommend this to a girl who likes old fashioned books and a girl with a lot to say and think about all thoughout the book.

I would not recommend this to a boy or someone who does not like old fashion books and a lot of adventure.