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Space Camp

Written by B.B. and Neil Hiller

Illustrated by ABC Mottion Pictures

Reviewed by Ryan B. (age 13)

In the bookSpace Camp all of the students get to space camp and they think everyone is a weirdo or strange. Then all of the students go to the headquarters to find out which team they are on. The book is based on the blue team, which at the beginning is not very bright. After they all met, they started taking tests which some of them fail miserably. After all the tests it?s their turn to go into the space shuttle, but what they don?t know is that they will be experiencing space.

Once they are in space they are all frightened because they cannot communicate with NASA. Tish, one of the members, comes up with the idea of using Morse signals to get NASA?s attention. They realize later that they cannot renter earth without more oxygen. To get oxygen they had to go to storage in space to get the tank. The crew leader Andie puts on a suit to go out into space to try and retrieve the tank of oxygen. While she is trying to retrieve it she realizes she is too big. In order to get the tank they would have to send someone smaller. So they all decided to send Max, the smallest one in the crew out to get it. When he got suited the suit was ten times bigger. He finally went out and got it and gave it to Andie but then he started to drift into space.

They thought that that might be the end but Andie got him back and they got the oxygen tank in and everything was fine. Then they realized they had to renter earth. As they were entering earth the joystick to keep the shuttle steady went freely. They tried and tried to get the joystick back and then it did and they were home safe.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone. This book is full of mystery, action and a little bit of humor. This book also showed the importance of how to be a team. I think I should be recommending this book because when you read it it feels like your really reading about a true event. I think that if anyone reads this book they will enjoy it and read it many times.I enjoyed the book Space Camp because it told a lot about how astronauts go into space and how they return from space. I also enjoyed the book because it showed that even regular kids can learn things, too. The story was enjoyable because it showed me the importance in team work.