1 Sponge Bob Air Pants

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Sponge Bob Air Pants

Written by Kitty Richards

Illustrated by Heather Martinez

Reviewed by Tony H. (age 8)

Sponge Bob Air Pants

In the beginning SpongeBob wants to fly with the jellyfish. He tries to make some machine things that fly. SpongeBob loves jellyfish because they are free and are very beautiful. Once when the phone rang he picked it up and accidently put the blowdryer in his pants. Then his pants started blowing up. By then he was flying. His dream came true. All the fish thought he was a superhero.

My favorite part of the story is when SpongeBob flies because it was always his dream to fly. He is my favorite character in this book. This story reminds me of all of the other SpongeBob adventures because he always does something exciting. I always laugh when I read a SpongeBob book or watch a SpongeBob cartoon.

I think you should read this book because it is a very funny story and you will have a good time reading it.