1 The Clean Team

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The Clean Team

Written by Anne Walker

Illustrated by Daniel Powers

Reviewed by Katie M. (age 7)

The Clean Team

Mike should have been cleaning up his room but he was reading a book instead. His mom came in and told him they were going to have have a cookout. Mike couldn't go unless his room was clean soJean and her dog helped Mike clean up his room. Finally his room was clean. He went to the cookout and everyone had a good time.

My favorite part is when Jean and her dog helped clean up Mike's room because it sounded like they had a lot of fun doing it. This story reminds me of my room because my room is messy too. I always have to clean it. I like the pictures in this story because they are funny and pretty.

I think you should read this story because it is funny and because everyone has a messy room sometimes.