1 Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon

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Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon

Written by Pat Cummings

Reviewed by Carlos D. (age 6) & Jahaira M. (age 6)

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon

This book is about a boy who didn?t want to clean his room. The book is really clever because it rhymes. He wanted to watch TV instead of cleaning his room. But his mother told him to clean his room.

He said his room wasn?t that messy. But his comic books were icky and sticky. He found a toy and he didn?t want to put it back.

He found a dead grasshopper. My sister ate a dead grasshopper. The pictures made me laugh because they are funny. There is one picture of a comic book full of sticky ice-cream. My room is so clean and is not dirty because I don?t make a mess. I am not like Harvey. He is a slob because he doesn?t clean his room. If you never clean your room you are bad. Harvey wasn?t allowed to watch TV because he won?t clean his room. I feel sorry for Harvey.

Jahaira thinks her neice and her sister and Carlos' brother and sister should read this book because they have to clean their rooms and they need to learn how to clean their own rooms. Harvey Moon doesn?t like to clean his room because it?s so messy. He has to clean it every day and he can't watch TV all the time.