1 The Cat in the Hat

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The Cat in the Hat

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Tyler H. (age 8) & Tiffany K. (age 8)

The Cat in the Hat

The book is about two children who can?t go outside because it is wet. The cat comes in and something went BUMP! Sally and her older brother saw the fish talking and the cat was there. The Cat in the Hat says, ?I have new tricks to show you.? The Cat in the Hat stands on a ball and jumps up and down and has a rake and a fish bowl with a fish in it. Then the Cat in the Hat broke the rake and the fish says,?What did you do to the rake?? The fish is worried that the cat is going to bring down the house and the mother will get mad at them. The lesson in the story is never let strangers go in your house and do bad tricks.

I like the book because the Cat in the Hat is funny and it has a lot of rhymes in the story. The book was silly. The whole book was my favorite part. I liked the part when the fish screamed at the Cat in the Hat. I liked Thing One and Thing Two because they made a mess and it reminds me of my messy room. I liked the shiny colors in the illustrations because they were patterned in red, white and blue. This book reminds me of going to my cousin?s house and making a mess with the black cat. The book is like the Cat in the Hat Comes Back because Thing One and Thing Two are also in that book. I (Tyler) liked this book because it reminded me of when my sister Shay-Sad? and I make a mess. I (Tiffany) liked this book because it reminded me of when my brother would come into my room and make a mess and get me in trouble.

That book teaches a lesson and that?s why I think it is good for my brother. I recommend this book to my brother because my brother loves for me to read books to him and for him to learn that you should never let a stranger in your house. If any girl or boy has a little brother or sister they can read the Cat in the Hat book in case the little brother or sister can learn not to open up the door without looking in the peep hole.

This book is for all ages above one. Everybody can learn from this book. I would recommend this book because it is funny.