1 Juan Bobo Goes to Work

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Juan Bobo Goes to Work

Written by Marisa Montes

Illustrated by Joe Cepeda

Reviewed by Ramon V. (age 9)

Juan Bobo Goes to Work

This story is about a boy named Juan Bobo. He lives on an island called Puerto Rico. Everyone on the island thinks he is silly. One day his mother tells him to ask the farmer man for a job. The farmer gives Juan Bobo a job but Juan Bobo puts the habichuelas (beans) on the ground and not in the carretilla (wheelbarrow). The farmer paid Juan Bobo anyway but Juan Bobo loses the money on the way home. The people on the island give Juan Bobo jobs. But he messes them up. And he loses his pay every time. Senor Domingo gives Juan Bobo a job. Juan Bobo sweeps the floors. Finally, Juan Bobo does the job right. Senor Domingo gives him a hamon (ham). Juan Bobo tied it with a rope and dragged it behind him. On the way home he saw a sick girl. She was rich and he made her laugh and feel better by being so silly. At the end of the story Juan Bobo is rewarded for making her laugh and being so silly.

I really liked this book because it is very funny. Juan Bobo is a very silly boy and it made me happy. Juan Bobo's mother is also funny. She is skinny and she wears silly clothes. I also liked this book because it has Spanish words in it. The drawings were really good too. I wish I could draw like that.

I recommend this book to kids who speak Spanish and English. 3rd graders to eighth graders would like to read this funny book. I think my friends at school would like this book because they like to read books too.