1 Ten Apples Up On Top!

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Ten Apples Up On Top!

Written by Theo. LeSieg

Illustrated by Roy McKie

Reviewed by JS2 (age 7)

Ten Apples Up On Top!

This book is about apples. Apples fell from trees and landed on the animals' heads. More and more apples went on their heads and the animals balanced them. It was a contest to see who could have the most apples on their heads without letting them fall. Then some bears caused a problem. They wanted to make the apples fall. They did lots of tricks trying to make the apples fall but the animals ran away. The end of the story had a big surprise. I'm not telling you what happened. You should read the book!

I liked this book because it is very funny. My favorite animal was the tiger. The tiger was walking on the telephone wires with seven apples on his head! I think it would be fun to try that.

I tried to balance apples on my head but I could only get one to stay. Then it fell. This story could not really happen but it is a funny idea.

I also thought the dog was interesting because he was always trying to beat the tiger. This reminds me of my friend Jacob because we compete in reading and in tether ball and running. It also reminds me of how playing with friends is fun.

I think the pictures are interesting but they would be better if they had more colors. In this book they only use black, white, orange, brown and red. They should make the sky blue and the trees green. It would make it a prettier book.

I have read other books that remind me of this one. Fox in Socks is like this book. Also, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut reminds me of this book because they are "Dr. Seuss" beginning reader books.

This book makes me think about how this could never happen. Animals would not put apples on their heads. In real life, they would fall. The animals might want to eat the apples in real life.

I think other people should read this book. People that like Dr. Seuss books would like this book. My friends, Hector, Carlos and Jacob would like it. They like funny books.

If you don't like books about apples, you would not like this book. I wish there were more books written by this author about the apples.