1 When Mom's Attack!

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When Mom's Attack!

Written by Terry Minsky

Reviewed by Hollie H. (age 10)

When Mom's Attack!

This book has two parts but I'll just tell you one. At Lizzie's school there is a class camping trip that she is psyched about. On the day of the trip, the chaperone for the girls is sick. At the last minute guess who shows up? You guessed it, Lizzie's mom! Lizzie is so embarrassed. When everyone arrives at the camp, they get into their cabins and make themselves at home. The girls and boys have to be against each other in a big camping contest. If the girls don't win, they will have to dig in the dirt to refill the class worm farm. Lizzie must help her mom win over the girls. Lizzie's mom decides to be cool and play a prank on the boys while they are asleep. Later, another chaperone discovers that Lizzie's mom is responsible for the prank. As a result, she isn't allowed to help at anymore field trips. Lizzie is happy that everyone thought her mom was cool, and she is glad she can't help with anymore field trips.

This book tells you not to be embarrassed by your parents because most of the time they aren't that embarrassing. Sometimes they actually could be cool. I really like this book because it was very interesting and funny. My favorite part was when the girls played a prank on the boys while they were sleeping. Lizzie reminds me of my friend Chelsea because when I go over to Chelsea's house, her mom does something like dance or sing and it always embarrasses her. Lizzie changed in the story because instead of being embarrassed because of her mom, she thought she was kind of cool.

I recommend this book to kids and teenagers because they might think of their parents in a different way if they read it.