1 Arthur's Tooth

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Arthur's Tooth

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by IR2 (age 8)

Arthur's Tooth

This book is about how Arthur's tooth is about to fall out. I have lost teeth lots of times, but Arthur hasn't ever lost any teeth before. He is scared about it. He tries and tries to get it to fall out, but it won't fall out. Mom tries to get it out but that doesn't work. Francine loses her tooth and it makes Arthur feel bad that he has never lost a tooth. Arthur goes to the dentist and the dentist tells him to just wait. Arthur's tooth comes out in the end when Francine pushes him. She helped him get his tooth out.

This book reminds me of the time when I lost lots of teeth. When I lose a tooth, I try to remember to put it under the pillow but sometimes I forget. I wonder if Arthur puts his tooth under his pillow.

Once, my sister lost a tooth in her sleep. She lost the tooth, but found it later.

This book is special because it is so silly. It makes me laugh really hard. I feel sorry for Arthur but I'm happy that there is a happy ending.

The drawings were good, too. Arthur's nose looks different than it did in the old Arthur books. I like the new Arthur better.

Other people should read this book. If they read it, they will like it. My family would like it the most because they like funny Arthur books.