1 I'm the King of the Mountain

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I'm the King of the Mountain

Written by Joy Cowley

Illustrated by Pictures by Dick Frizzell

Reviewed by Jacob G. (age 7) & Charlie J. (age 6)

I'm the King of the Mountain

Flea goes down the mountain singing, "I'm the king of the mountain...." Then Flea meets Beetle and Flea shakes with fear. Beetle asks, "Who's the King of the Mountain?" Flea answers, "You are, O Beetle." Then Beetle meets a bigger animal and it keeps on repeating. There's a little twist at the end...

We recommend it and would buy this book because there's a funny pattern. The animals got bigger and bigger and bigger. We think the book is funny because the cow's head shook like a cuckoo clock when Flea was in his ear. We recommend this book because it has fabulous illustrations. Jacob's favorite character was the flea. Charlie's favorite character was the lizard.

Jacob G. and Charlie J.
are students in
Pam's K-1 Class