1 The Witches

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The Witches

Written by Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Reviewed by Dara J. (age 8)

The Witches

Did you ever think about witches? I did. "The Witches" is about a boy and his grandma. The boy and his grandma go to a hotel in England. They find witches there. The witches are very ugly! The witches were going to try turning all the kids in England into mice. The boy and his grandma try to find a way to stop them.

My favorite part is when Bruno, the boy's friend, was in the bowl eating banana's. It was humorous when he got so fat. I liked the boy the best because he was talented and knew how to figure things out. When I read this book I felt scared when I was in the middle of the story. I thought that witches were real, but they aren't.

I recommend this book because it is brilliant. I think third graders and up could read this book with some help.