1 The Best School Year Ever!

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The Best School Year Ever!

Written by Barbara Robinson

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Grant L. (age 8)

The Best School Year Ever!

This story is about the Herdmans. They are back in school and crazy. Beth is writing the story, and she tells about what they do. There were six kids in the Herdman family, and one in each class. Imogene was in Beth's class, and she was bad. Those funny Herdmans! They did a lot of funny things in school. They put cigarettes in the fire safety bear's mouth. Then a first grade kid named Eugene cracked walnuts on his head because Gladys Herdman told him to. When Boyd got his head stuck in the bike rack, Gladys said she was going to cut off his ears. Imogene put butter on Boyd's head and got it out. Imogene did something good for once. At the end of the story, Beth had to make up compliments for Imogene Herdman, and she remembered the good things.

My favorite part is when Boyd got his head stuck in the bike rack. I like this because it made me laugh a lot. I also like it because one of the Herdmans did something nice. This book is kind of like some other books that Barbara Robinson writes. It is like the "Best Chrismas Pageant Ever" because that book has the Herdmans in it too. I'd like to see Charlie in real life. That is my favorite character because he'd be a good friend.

I recommend this book because it was crazy and very funny! Boyd was nuts, too. People above age ten could read this book.