1 Matilda

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Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by McKenzie L. (age 8)


Do you know some mean parents? If you do, then you should read the book Matilda. Her dad was so mean he tore up her library book. She got so mad that she blew the TV up with her powers. Her mom left her home alone and went to bingo all the time. She went to school and thought that Agatha Trunchbull was a mean principal. Her teacher's name was Miss Honey and she was nice.

My favorite part is when Matilda was writing on the chalkboard with her powers. That is my favorite part because she got the Trunchbull scared. That was cool! My favorite character is Hortensia because she did some pretty brave stuff in the book. That was so funny when she put itching powder in the Trunchbull's knickers. This book is like "The Twits" because the Twits are mean like Matilda's parents and The Trunchbull.

I recommend this story because it made me laugh a lot. A fifth grader or older could read it on their own.