1 Ten Timid Ghosts

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Ten Timid Ghosts

Written by Jennifer O'Connell

Illustrated by Jennifer O'Connell

Reviewed by Samantha M. (age 5)

Ten Timid Ghosts

Ten Timid Ghosts is about a witch with ghosts in the house. The witch wanted to move into the house and wanted the ghosts out of the house. This book will make kids laugh.

My favorite part of the story was when the bat came into the house and was going up and down and scaring the curly ghosts. It was so funny. The curly ghosts were going all over the place in the house and their faces looked so funny.

I would tell other kids to read the book because it is my favorite book and the faces of the ghosts make me laugh. I think all kids should read this book because it is a book that will make you smile.

(Review dictated to Mrs. Downey)