1 Koala Lou

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Koala Lou

Written by Mem Fox

Illustrated by Pamela Lofts

Reviewed by Jackson M. (age 5)

Koala Lou

This story is about a koala whose mom always tells him, "Koala Lou, I do love you." There were lots of animals in the story like; koalas, emus, platypuses, snakes, owls, and other you would find in Australia.

I liked when the koalas were racing in the gum tree olympics. All the animals were cheering for Koala Loe and he tried his hardest!

This story made me feel happy because Koala Loe almost won and I like the story. The animals remind me of animals in Africa, one animal reminded me of a crocidile hunter. I want to go to Australia to see all the animals in this story.

I would recommend this book to other kids because it is a good story and teaches us a good lesson about love and our family.