1 Ten True Animal Rescues

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Ten True Animal Rescues

Written by Jeanne Betancourt

Reviewed by Destiny N. (age 11)

Ten True Animal Rescues

This story is about animals that save the lives of their owners and complete strangers. Now I know that animals are more than just cute and adorable, They save peoples lives. I do not think that this story has any ?big big? parts, but the lesson is or well maybe it taught me that to always trust animals and you should Always be kind to you?re pets. This book has some good parts and some bad parts. In chapter one a hamster saves a girls life by scratching his cage to wake up the girl [that was the good part] and when the family left the house they forgot to get the hamster in the fire. Guess what, the hamster survived.

If you want to know how he survived come on and read this book. I think the book is good and bad because it has so much stuff to learn about, I don?t have any thoughts in this book ,I for one, thinks it is okay. So you?ll need a lot of time to read it. My favorite part in this whole book is that how can a little animal do so much? There are characters I didn?t like, like Erica, because how she stood in the snow when her friends said it was cold and might fall in.