1 Addy Saves the Day, a Summer Book

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Addy Saves the Day, a Summer Book

Written by Connie Rose Porter

Illustrated by Bradford Brown

Reviewed by Nashakeem U. (age 11)

The book Addy saves the day is about Addy. She has a family which is her mother, father, sister and brother. Her brother was fighting a war. Addy and her family had a garden. They needed to raise money so they planted a garden. They needed to raise money so that they could get their family back from slavery and war. One day Addy came over and asked her parents can she help with the garden and her father said no because it was grown-up work. Addy feelings was hurt because all she wanted to do was help her parents and by her father screaming , it made her sad and it mad her cry. The next day Addy went to church. The preacher said it would be a fair going on in central park in a week. So Addy and her friend decided to make puppets to sell at the fair. On the day of the fair they made a lot of ,money. Addy and her friend was very happy that they had made that much money, because now they would be able to help their parents bring their brother back from the war. Later on a tall girl came over and asked Addy can she sell her a puppet. Addy said yes and turned around to get the girl the puppet. When she turned back around the girl was gone and so was all the money. Addy was devastated and hurt.

My opinion about the character in the book is good. Addy is smart and funny. My other opinion about this book is good because it is funny. I like the middle of the story because it was funny. When you read this book pay close attention to the middle of the story.

This book is good because it shares family experiences. It shows that family should always stick together. I think that I would have done the same thing that Addy had done to help bring her brother back from the war.